Friday, 7 January 2011

Back again

The return of the snow tidied the place up again but was only welcomed by the Berners who played excitedly and generally annoyed all the other residents of Rock HQ with their enthusiasm for the white stuff.
The rest of us took shelter as it came down thick and fast. Nemo pleaded to be picked up after hiding under Trixie but as I was lugging buckets of feed around it was every cat for himself. I stupidly failed to heed the accuracy of the forecast and had left Vic parked on the lane in front of Hazel. Four by fours were definitely going to be the order of the day and I reversed Vic through the three inches of snow to the turning circle. All went well for the first twenty yards when Vic lost his footing a slid rather than drove and despite my knowing, and often saying, braking on ice has no effect I nearly pushed the pedal through the floor and have to admit to shutting my eyes as Vic and the dry stone wall looked like they were about to be united.
Fortune smiled on us and we stopped just short of catastrophe. Eventually cars were where they should be and life and limb spared. The rain brought hope that this is just a temporary weather event and the sunshine that's supposed to be here tomorrow means plans for the weekend should still take place.
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