Sunday, 23 January 2011

Moving house

Guenevere and Morgana got very excited today, not only because a half ton or so of feed was unloaded right under their snouts, bucket by bucket checked by the Berners.

Their excitement was not over the fact that 50 bales of quality straw arrived, mainly to provide them with a nice clean bed.

No they could not contain themselves because after all the activity of the day they were finally moved from their small pen and luxury stable to a huge almost barn and pig pen at the start of the smallholding. There they met Hetty and the Ryelands, who might sound like a 50's skiffle ensemble but who are in fact our house cow and Ryeland sheep. The transfer went almost without hitch, a slight detour round the almost 4x4 and they trotted dutifully into the pen where they totally ignored the five star accommodation and newly made beds, preferring instead to get their their snouts in the trough and engage in whats know as pigging out.

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