Monday, 10 January 2011

More piggin gremlins!

Our quest for sausage was put on hold this weekend as we just had too many jobs and too little hours to do them in. Normal service should be resumed next weekend and in amongst the mayhem time has been tabled for a pig feed run and a journey across county to fetch some pigs. This plan relies heavily on my ability to fix Trixie the trailer, last used to get the sugar beet the Morgana and Guinevere are tucking into, who's door has mysteriously fallen off and is nothing to do with the goats who have now assumed squatters rights. It also relies on the Farmer not having sold all the pigs.

Further gremlins have infested Rock HQ and the scanner has refused to do what it is supposed to so there is no way we can scan the pics of Rock HQ from 40 years back and put them on line. So for the time being our scanner is a paperweight on the desk.

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