Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dropping in

Strange things are afoot at Goatanamo, the high security enclosure at the back of the stables and sheltered underneath the cliff. Two sheep have taken up residence, not ours, foreign sheep belonging to the militia. They arrived in the night under the cover of darkness. This might explain why the Berners went mental at 4am and woke the valley. I thought they were barking at the moon, or passing werewolves, or lecherous goats (one sexually harassed the surveyor when he arrived for a second look at the telephone poles today). Either the sheep are members of an elite parachute unit who landed off course and found them self trapped in Goatanamo, or, and this seems mote likely, they fell off the cliff, a bit like Crispen did a few months back, bounced a few times and found them self unscathed but contained in the high security enclosure. We have decided to leave them there a few days to clear the foliage, and to see who launches a rescue bid.
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