Thursday, 27 January 2011

Rescue remedy

Lilly arrived at Rock HQ today, a lovely old girl who needs TLC and a new home. She has passed all tests, cornered (no aggression) car (no vomit in the cd player) cat (didn't eat) dog(didn't run after) goat (ran away from) and huge tail wagging test. She is a bit thin but is tucking in to fishy mousse and biscuits with intent to remedy that.

Talking of lovely old girls, Passion, above, one of our very ancient beagles died in her sleep this morning. To say she lived a full life would be an understatement, her attempt to redecorate the house when covered in purple, yellow and green acrylic paint is still spoken of. Colleagues from years back recall my battles to keep her and her brother Preston out of the fridge, once they found they could open it and take out all edibles they were in beagle paradise. We moved here four years four months ago and thought it a nice place for the old beagles to see out their retirement. Somehow Passion managed to last until today, drawing her last lay out asleep on her blanket aged eighteen years and five months. Up until Monday she pottered around, tail wagging, keeping up with the pack. Tuesday she decided to stay in and seemed a bit laboured in her breathing. Yesterday she lay snoozing, occasionally wagging her tail. I said goodbye first thing, a gentle pat and a whispered goodbye, I knew today was the day, so did she.

This lucky bunch are currently seeking new homes, until then they suffer central heated cages, hot and cold running food and all the cat litter they can eat. All the rescue centres have refused to take any more cats. A sign of the times, in recession the animals suffer too.
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, it's always hard - even when you know it's time.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sorry to here, that she has passed. I hope her brother Preston will be okay. But you are right many dogs do not live that long and with that vitality of life and love. I am sure she is already planning her next life to come back to you and cause even more mischief.
PS God might have send Lily your way to provide at least a temporary friend for Passion's brother Preston.

Tony said...

Thanks to you all for the kind comments, emails and texts about Passion going to the great kennel in the sky.
Kit, you are right, Lilly is a bit tooo much like our old beagle :)

Delyn Brexit Party said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I know EXACTLY how you must feel. People have been saying to me, you must think of all the happy times. true but so very difficult! Thinking of you all at this sad time.