Tuesday, 25 January 2011


These little bundles of fur were spotted a few days ago all cozied up in a nest inside the hutch.
They seem to be doing well
all four have their eyes open
and we expect to see them bouncing round in the daylight very soon.

You never know what you will turn up in my job, and as ever where there are people suffering the animals suffer alongside. I am rapidly gaining a reputation at work for animal rescue. This week I have arranged the liberation of one dog and four cats, all in need of TLC and new homes. Luckily Glynis, who runs the animal rescue at Llandridnodd is an extremely patient sort and used to the likes of me phoning to say more creatures are on their way.
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Anonymous said...

One of the babies looks like it will be a kinda of calico. I didn't know you could have calico rabbits. Neat
Love your blog, my mother and I have had several laughs. She could not believe you would get the goats to come walking with you.
Kit aka the lurker who suggested Geisha might be pregnant with a geep.