Friday, 1 October 2010

No Entry

The first of October brought a downpour to remember with over three inches falling, and today was memorable for another reason. Hetty was not the only one booked in for treatment, it was the day of my "well man" check. As the Doc said, this was life changing, so he drew the curtains around us as one of us was partially clothed, asked me to roll on my side and face the wall, pull my knees to my chest and to try and relax. Not an easy feat, especially when the jovial medicine man tapped me on the shoulder and said "Right, brace yourself" as he waggled a gloved finger and put it where, if humans had warning signs there would be a big red one saying "No Entry". The sudden but expected probing did have an interesting side effect, my hearing improved, this was due to the wax suddenly popping out of my ears. In a second it was over, my prostate was not a cause for concern and the Doc and I joked that perhaps next time we met we would just shake hands. On a serious note, a lot of men fail to have these check ups due to embarrassment. I would rather die of embarrassment than prostate cancer.

Hetty got a reprieve today when the vets realised that A. The cattle crush they had would be too big to hold Hetty, B. As it was raining she would be slippery when wet, and C. Having consulted a book on cows they discovered that Dexter's are generally more mental than a starving Tiger on steroids whose portion of goat souffle has been stolen. Not wanting to risk premature death they begged us not to bring her to them and promised to arrive in force next Friday, subdue her here and complete the necessary pedicure and horn removal while she sleeps on a bed of straw in the stable. They can then run away leaving us to deal with the aftermath.

Having been in weather where aqualung would have been an advantage it was a great end to the day to take the Berners around the Bonsai Mountain in glorious sunshine. We really can have four seasons in one day here. Then the sunset was another stunner. I will never tire of standing on the helipad and looking at the view.

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