Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Moving on and moving in

Timing, the secret of good smallholding. Our new piglets are ready in three weeks, therefore we have to move on Laverne and Shirley to Mr Whirlpool before this, otherwise, when Guinevere and Morgana2 arrive the big pigs will be stuck here for another three weeks as we will be locked down, no stock allowed off site, a quarantine period to make sure no infectious diseases are brought on or sent off. Keeping Laverne and Shirley another 6 weeks would take them into Christmas and the abattoir is full that month, Christmas orders and butchers working overtime, so smallholders with fussy small orders are not welcome. So the dates set, Laverne and Shirley will join the food chain 16th November, giving us just enough time to clean the pen out ready for our two new pigs who we hope will do a star trek (live long and prosper) at Rock HQ.
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