Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ready for the off

This poor cows world is going to be turned upside down tomorrow afternoon. Literally. Hetty is a very friendly cow, and especially placid for a Dexter, she just looks mental. Most farmers greet the news that we have a Dexter with a sharp intake of breath and a we used to have one of them but they're nutters type comment. Lucky for us she has bucked the trend and is very sociable, making it easy to handle her, and pretty safe to turn your back on. But she is an armed version. Her horns were left on and they have grown to match the rest of her. Several times I have nearly got the point, and when she decides she wants to do something her horns do give her a nice edge in an argument. So to prevent any mishaps, or accidental goring of me, my beautiful and oh so patient wife, the pigs she bunks with (thats Hetty bunking up with pigs, not my wife, although I do snore so there is a similarity) or any other sentient being at Rock HQ, tomorrow when she goes for her pedicure (her hooves need trimming) she will be given a shot of local anesthetic and a vet armed with a chain saw will remove the offending appendages. All we need to do is convince her its a good idea to get in the trailer to get her there. Simple!
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