Thursday, 28 October 2010

Its a man thing

The boys are going through changes as winter approaches. For Apollo the changes are going to be quite dramatic as now the flies have gone he is going to be gelded. This is not an operation I am looking forward to, and thankfully, the poor lad wont know whats hit him until he wakes up and finds two very precious items missing.
Trevor's having a real bad hair month with his fringe and mane so tangled with Teasels that his fringe sticks up like a rhino horn. They wont brush out and it might be that Apollos nads are not the only thing for the chop.

Meanwhile Apollo is winning one race. The lets grow a moustache competition happens every winter, quite why they do this I don't know, perhaps its something to do with keeping their top lips warm while grazing on frozen ground.

Whatever it is, Apollo is sporting the finest tache of the equine clan. Williams effort is feeble in comparison.

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