Sunday, 3 October 2010

Water power!

We were ever so slightly put off going outside to play today, but eventually, once it was obvious that it was not going to blow over we had to don foul weather gear and get stuck into the morning routine which at times could have been better conducted from kayaks.

Geisha was not the happiest long eared rodent with the state of her quarters, the mat kept her out of the rising tide but it had gone through and flooded the tack room. Thankfully the only damage was a soggy sack of horse nuts. The sheer amount of water running off the stable roof caused the flood. As about twenty trillion gallons had fallen on the Bonsai Mountain, and as it was all uphill of us it found a variety of routes through the smallholding, upsetting the critters in the process.

We called in on our neighbours to see how they were coping and found that were were marooned, the lane was flooded, only those with Arks could navigate the fast flowing water. Now I would have linked all the video clips I took into a seamless video presentation but for some reason the new camera pixies and the ancient PC gremlins don't like talking to each other so they wont make a film, no matter how much I threaten them. Hence the assortment of clips.

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