Saturday, 9 October 2010

Quality control

We fetched a load of feed from the mill today, and today has been a huge day work wise at Rock HQ. Hazel Honda did her very best and pulled the trailer with a sack of 545kg of milled pig feed, plus five heavy floor mats for the stables, a further 120kg of horse feed, a chainsaw, a sack of chaff and a feed scoop. I thought the feed scoop was pushing our luck but the tyres didn't burst and Hazel got us back in one piece so we are happy.
Also happy was little Misty, the tiny tiny Shetland who voted herself as quality control, and as I had to unload the trailer of the feed by the bucket full, she stood by the tail gate and sampled each and every bucket, just to make sure it was good enough. It was a hard job, a thankless task, but someone had to do it!
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