Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Panic stations!

Usually pigs are quite intelligent. As so often here, theres always one to try and buck the trend. Laverne got herself the wrong side of breakfast and could not be persuaded to go back through the euphemistic barn and join Hetty Dexter and Shirley at the breakfast table.
Eventually the noise became unbearable, a pig deprived of its meal will let you know how upset it is by emitting a sound so powerful it makes your heart stop and ears bleed. To end every ones torment she was let out of the cow pen and after an unsuccessful lunge through the fence she followed directions to the pig pen gate where she was able to get to the food before Shirley finished the lot and I bled to death.
Hetty took it all in her stride and kept her head down eating and thinking how quiet it had suddenly become.
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