Thursday, 7 January 2010

X marks the spot

If you look closely you will see a red X in the picture above, it marks the estimated position of Joan our little black Ryeland who took it on herself to explore the countryside and get hopelessly lost. To make it more interesting she did it when the snow was at it its deepest and the wind was at its keenest.
Now you might think finding a Black Sheep on a white background would be extremely easy. Think again. The rough location of the offending sheep was given by the militia. Thinking she would be with the militia's sheep we headed for the flock gathered waiting for breakfast, what we hadn't counted on was her sense of independence. Sheep are supposed to flock together, to follow each other, stay in groups, that sort of thing. Joan on the other hand having been born with the exploring gene felt no need to stay close to others of her kind, setting up camp two fields further on. We found where she had spent the night, a clear patch of grass under the hedge was an obvious clue and so the simple task of following her footprints began. Until they ended. In a hedge.

Now I assure you we looked long and hard in this peice of hedge but could not see any sign of Joan. Either she had been beamed up by aliens or, more likely she had pushed through the hedge and gone further. After a huge detour along hedge and fence lines we found nothing. No sign. Eventually we broke out onto the lane and bumped into The Oracle who was feeding his sheep. He confirmed that we were looking in the right place so we wearily turned back and trudged through the snow to continue the search. There sat patiently by the gate was Joan. Somehow we had managed to walk past her at least three times and so having proved she is the ultimate sheep hide and seek champion 2010 she gave up. She also gave up walking and had to be carried back. I have booked my appointment with Agnes the nice osteopath to repair the damage.
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