Thursday, 14 January 2010

The sky is falling in!

After 20 hours of snow quite a lot settled on the roof of the annex, which is still very much work in progress. It looked quite picturesque for a change yesterday at four pm.
By eleven, just as I did my final check of the homestead there was a slight problem.
The weight of snow was causing an interesting design feature. To prevent further damage to the roof and myself (to me as I had spent the day messing around instead of clearing the snow off the roof, this would no doubt make the Stable Sprite have a minor sense of humour failure as I had joked about collapsing roofs with him earlier) I began to carefully remove the foot deep covering. While I was doing this I thought of the advantages of steep sloped roofs in snowy countries and then remembered the not so sloped roof on the back of the stable which as can be seen from the picture below was also in danger of redesign. Happily I spent hours outside in the dark shifting the white stuff. For some reason I slept well last night.
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