Sunday, 24 January 2010

Death from above

The mystery of the fourth well may be on its way to being solved. When we first moved here there was a static caravan rotting quietly away, minding its own business. This was used as an impromptu kennel for a few weeks then as a store for old bikes (these bikes have since been moved 5 times and are currently stored in the "barn" just in case I ever need 4 rusty bikes) but primarily its use was for Maggie to obtain her breakfast.
She used to spend hours on the roof picking away at various tasty foliage before dropping to earth to gore innocent passers by.
We now think the well may have been some sort of cesspit/overflow for the inhabitants of the caravan. They lived there quite a while as the house was restored and essentials were put in place like roofs and windows. The new ditch currently drains into the new well and it has yet to overflow so the arcane pipes within obviously serve a purpose and we plan to get a dye to drop in to trace the drainage points.

The annex is nearing completion, finally we have walls all around the outside that go all the way up to the roof. A good thing really as the roof at one stage was trying its best to get down to the level of the incomplete walls. So, progress all round, now all we need is an external door and windows. Then some internal walls. Electricity. Water. Internal doors. Flooring. Steps. Door step. Walls plastered. The external walls clad in wood to match the stable. Heating. Soft furnishings. Nearly done then!
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