Sunday, 10 January 2010

Eye spy trouble

While I was checking the water level in the reservoir I saw Easter, one of the Ryelands behaving very strangely in the yard. She was by herself, walking into things and bleating, not the usual performance from a hungry Ryeland who is usually observed sneaking up on buckets, bags or other animals eating in the hope that they will share. A quick check, instead of the usual clear sheep eye hers was opaque, like cataracts. Problem. Somehow she seems to have got a highly infectious eye complaint commonly known as "Pinkeye". Quick check of the others, her sister Springtime almost the same and poor little Barry was showing signs. Bright light exacerbates the condition so the radiant white of the landscape was causing them some pain. As they all feed from a trough at the moment its bound to spread, great. So the three casualties are now tucked up in the back stable, along with the chickens, in the dark and they seem much happier. As the snow seems to be holding off we are going to breakout to civilisation once more and get some eye ointment for the poorly flock.
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