Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pit Pony

Years ago this little chap might have been unlucky enough to be a pit pony, although thinking about it in reality that should read, years ago there might have been a miner unlucky enough to have Trevor the shitland as his pit pony. That's more like it. So faced with the task of getting some coal to Mad Keith who lives halfway up the bonsai mountain, on the dark side, he wont see the sun for another month at least, William "volunteered" to venture out into the frozen wastes carrying a sack of the black stuff to the frozen Hermit's abode. William is a tame and calm animal whereas Trevor is a maniac who would stamp the brains out of anyone who dared ask him for help.

Williams growing, so after finding straps and fiddly bits that fitted his girth we set off and despite never having carried a load on snow and ice before he did a grand job. Mission successful and a nice juicy apple was given as a reward.

Hermit was pleased with result and made the really helpful observation that I had brought my horse with me. The "Funny I hadn't noticed" reply was wasted on him. But William laughed between mouthfuls.

The yard is still an ice rink providing lots of opportunity for amusement for all the animals and the dogs have taken to sitting to watch the chaos unfold. Current chaos involves catching sheep. The Ryelands are coping quite well with being wrestled to the ground and having eye ointment squirted all over their faces in the hope that at least a micro gramme will get into the right place. They seem to be recovering and their appetites are returning now they can see what they are eating.

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