Saturday, 16 January 2010

Well well well.....well?

After days of conserving water we now have too much. Most of the day has been spent extreme ditch digging, that is digging ditches in torrential rain, through frozen ground covered in ice and snow, on a 45 degree slope with a million gallons of water rushing past and over you. All this to the accompaniment of dogs complaining that they are going to drown if the river that appeared outside their kennels got any deeper. The "How to dig ditches" book failed to give any advise on how best to attempt this mammoth task so I used an axe and shovel which seemed to get the job done. Digging has yet to be completed but the river has been diverted and all is well. Speaking of which I think I found another one, I found something anyway with a huge black cover on it buried a foot below the surface. As there are no reports of crashed UFO's its unlikely to be anything exciting like an entrance hatch or a portal to another dimension, so we shall wait and see what further digging reveals tomorrow. If its a well then that would be 4 on the smallholding.

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