Thursday, 7 January 2010

Goats update

Here is a picture of Geisha's leg a week on, still looks a mess but its a whole lot better than a week ago and she is using it more, scratching her ear with it today. She is still annoying and eating everything, her current favourite treat is apple flavoured horse treats.

Maggie is taking advantage of being top goat while Juliet is locked up for the good of the roof/garden/trees and my sanity. She has claimed the annex as her own, making a nest amongst the bales and lording it over the sheep if they try to get a share. She sticks to her bed like a limpet until the sheep are fed which is when she will immediately decide her bed is not comfortable enough in the annex and settles down to sleep on the Ryelands hay in the yard. She plays this game all day.
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