Friday, 30 March 2018

Keep off the grass


A couple of weeks ago we accidentally wandered into the preparations for this display of poppies falling from the tower window at Hereford Cathedral.
 So it seemed rude not to go back and view the finished article with the anklebiters.
 It has to be said the weeping window as its called is a sight to behold.
 Then, as we were there and it was free ahem...we went into the cathedral which is the home to the precious artefact The Mappi Mundi which used to be in a glass case in the door way and if you had one old penny or two new ones after decimalisation a bulb would flicker for a minute or so and you could view the monks medieval depiction of the world.
 Time passes and someone realised that the bit of old calf skin in the foyer was in fact priceless so best look after it a bit better than leave it outside in a box.
 So its  now in another part of the building specially created to make it an experience and costs considerably more than 2p to view. So we wandered around the ancient building looking at the free stuff.
 Like the Normal ceiling.
 And Gods little sunbeams.
 Huge windows.
 St Thomas' pit.
And lots of drawing and colouring.

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