Friday, 23 March 2018

My little helper

 Work has finally got to a point where I can take some time to build the new day kennels so while the sun shone yours truly cracked on with the concrete base.
 Naturally I had a helper, in this case Noel who took it upon himself to be whereever I had been or intended to be.
 Each barrow load of sand was scrutinised by the Gruffalo and his best mete Cosmo.
 It has to be said that a large K9 can be a tad inconvenient when trying to lay concrete, especially one as attentive as Noel. 
 Lunch was out of a pouch and no time to heat up or stop, this had to be done before paid work started at 4pm and whilst dealing with telephone calls from social workers who did not understand the do not phone me I will not answer message.
 3.30 pm after 1.5 ton of sand had been moved and another load mixed into 18 cement loads all looked good. Now all I had to do was make sure no sentient being with an innate sense of curiosity wandered across the near mirror like (ahem) surface of the wet concrete.
 Mrs Bear, worn out by the efforts of observation fell asleep amongst the wreckage of cement bags
 while Noel tried his best not to set solid.
Later in the evening my inner nerd took over and I painted whilst trying to ignore the weather forecast which was for minus temperatures and snow. Just what I needed to set the concrete off nicely.

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