Thursday, 8 March 2018

Before the ice age

 No time for hanging around!
 Lets travel back in time a week or so as this was the week yours truly had as a holiday
 so time was spent
 having family fun
 which is why we are all at RAF Cosford as a birthday treat for the apprentice.
 Here they saw the great collection of planes
 and built some.
 Yours truly entered his first 10km race, some time to train then.
 Time was spent cycling in a real bike instead of a machine.
 Hobbies were had.
 Guns were fired
 Go karts were ridden
 Faces were bruised on death slides.
 This ones not real.
 RRMK2 thought about being a stunt rider.
 Then a stunt driver.
 They got medals.
 We went to the beach the same day as the Police.
 Definitely had the best hats
 and drew the best sand pictures
 obviously the best car.
 Best view with the nicest people.
 Horses were ridden.
 Rock climbed.
 Cat boy was with us.
 Then  it was a birthday, 7 years has flown by.
 Supergrandma made a lovely birthday tea.
 Dogs were walked.
 More bike rides
 to the top of the ridge
 and back without hurting myself.
 Birthday presents, more monopoly.
 Hugs with big sister.
Favourite food eaten. A great week. Now we are up to date.

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