Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Mother's day

 Early doors saw yours truly and RRMK2 playing bakers. This involved myself trying to keep track of mystery ingredients RRMK2 put into the breakfast scones. What he was not wearing was finally scraped up and heated for the requisite time and did bear a passing resemblance to a scone which made a breakfast cream tea type effort for their lovely mother.
 By way of a treat we went for a quick trip to the dams, here RRMK2 got the walk off to a great start by jamming his fingers in the metal work of a gate. The resulting scream from the indignant toddler leaking red stuff  and first aiding from yours truly was truly spectacular. Still, at least he didn't do anything stupid like stick his fingers in a horses mouth like Stable Sprite has done. 
 Suitably patched up we went walkies
 where many photos were taken in an attempt to get one good one.
 A kind tourist rescued us and took a family shot.
 Heading back to the car
 I finally got a pic that I was happy with.
 In the car park we met Harry and his owner Brian. Harry is from the class of 2010.
Back at the Ranch Harry's dad Rocky wasn't feeling too good, but considering his age hes doing remarkably well.

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