Monday, 2 April 2018

Driving us mad

 Its a bank holiday weekend and so rather than head to the sun drenched beaches we decided something must be done about our drive. Conversation with nice man at building supplier went something like can I have four bags or gravel delivered to repair potholes, big bags, yes I know they are ton bags, yes the holes are that big.
 In fact four ton will only be a start but you have to start somewhere.
 The ankle biters decided to help and soon found a ton was a bit difficult to move.
 Their expertise was used whenever the need arose.
 A volunteer is worth four pressed men as they say...
 Naturally all this took place under the intense supervision of the Rock Star,
 Every effort was made to reduce the number of times the wheelbarrow had to be filled and emptied, but dragging the bag of stone was a bit difficult, thankfully the apprentice was there to assist.
 Mind you they did have distractions.
 RRMK2 not happy at being relegated to the pillion again.
 MBAOSPW won the wheel barrow race. I demanded a drugs test but was told I was a sore loser.
Ta dah pose, 4 ton down. probably another 8 needed.

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