Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Happy Birthday

 Its been a long time since we had our first Berner, Rocky arrived at Rock HQ shortly after we did in October 2006. Today it was the 9th birthday of the first litter of pups and we are lucky enough to still have Rocky age 11.5, and his daughter Dotty WooZah here looking mental.
 We kept her and Bliss from the litter, alas Bliss died 2 years ago.
 We we gifted back Spotty shortly after we sold him and our regular reader will remember him as the all action Berner. Much missed.
 We also got Mr Bear back after 3 years, so for a while we had 4 of the original 8 pups with us at HQ. Mr Bear is a very decrepit boy with two crutiate ligaments damaged and repaired but he still manages to motor around provided no one knocks him over.
Of the others, well, Fizz with Liz, we often see her and hear about her exploits, Harvey Puppy Dog is a regular correspondent and hes adorable like Fizz. Nala was last heard of about 4 years ago when they asked if she could have pups and we saw Brooke about 3 years ago so fingers crossed these two are still bringing joy and Berner hairs to their happy homes.

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