Thursday, 1 March 2018

Bye for now

 Apollo the wonder foal is now ten years old!
 Thats ten who years since he arrived at Rock HQ
 and stood at this very gate where he was smaller than the top bar. He has grown into a fab pony but one that needs more time and attention than I can give him at present so an alternative plan is needed to stop him wasting his life. He needs focus.
 Which is why yours truly was stood at the gateway to the world waiting with Apollo for
 his taxi to a brave new world.
 This young lady has had her dreams come true by yours truly lending her Apollo for a year so he has now left Rock HQ and is in a new stable not too far away where his every needs are met by squealing girlies who wuv ponies. He will also be ridden most weekends and groomed to an inch of his life.
 While all this was going on RRMK2 made his own game up which involved filling puddles with pine cones.
 This kept him occupied while yours truly moved a massive load of potential logs down the slope of the Bonsai Mountain as a way of helping the Oracle.
 Mrs Bear
 also helped by barking at the big sticks which had to be
 draged thrown or rolled down the hill to the helpers with wheelbarrows.
Job done we set off to town for a slap up meal at the unlimited Chinese buffet. Well it is the first day of our holiday!

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