Friday, 23 March 2018

First time for everything

 Before work yours truly set off up the Bonsai Mountain to enjoy the snow, yesterday this was not in the plan so did not happen, small boys wanting to build ships and play board games got in the way of outdoor activities.
 The wind was fierce and full winter gear was required
 as was a mental Berner called Woozah who chose to wear most of the snow.
 As we got higher it got deeper
 and suddenly we were faced by a wall of snow, about 5 foot high and going on for around 50 yards.
 Normally I would have pressed on
 but as time was short I had to admit defeat and for the first time we did not make it to the summit.
 Reuben was still a happy boy though.
 Defeated we headed back
 observing that still we are the only house on the Bonsai Mountain that is occupied.
 The expression of a small child when you give them an icicle that is nearly as big as they are.
Sunset at Rock HQ

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