Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Hens teeth and rocking horse pooh

 Finding a reliable trade in these parts is like hunting for unicorn eggs, they don't exist. I cannot remember how long we have tried to get a reliable roofer up to Rock HQ to carry out the essential repairs to stop RRMK2's room turning into a swimming pool each time it rains. It might come a s surprise that we do have a fair amount of rain in these here parts. Finally after much ado we have found 2 roofers who A) say they want the job B)say that they can do the job C) dont want my lungs and shirt off my back as payment and 4) turn up when they say they will to do the job. So with oyurs truly pretending he is comfortable on the roof
 and with vultures gathering to deal with any accidents
 we all got on with it. Within minutes they found a hidden problem, the vent not fitted right and the source of all wet stuff in RRMK2's room.
 Some problems were easy to spot.
 Others were well hidden.
 In the higgledepiggledy mess
 all sorts of horrors were found.
 But thanks to these two
 intrepid roofers
 the dramas of past construction (here sand is under the ridge tiles, why? no one knows, its not exactly waterproof)
 Neither are 25 year old fag packets.
 So I helped by carrying off the
 unwanted stuff and
 wheel barrowing away lots of moss.
BY end of play all was fixed. Two days later a massive deluge of rain and we all stayed dry. Phew! Job done, strike it off the list.

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