Wednesday, 10 January 2018

There's something nasty in the laundry

 Used to finding aquatic animals in the laundry room..damp anyone? ...MBAOSPW detected a hissing sound coming from behind the fridge freezer that should have been sold 18 months ago and is just in the way. One huge clearout later revealed the horror lurking behind it.
 Without repeating the saga of the useless bunch of cowboys who didn't fit the bathroom and had to be taken to court to get our money back. They also fitted prior to not fitting the bathroom a new central heating boiler and a water pressure pump to make sure the shower they didn't fit would actually work.
Considering the whole system is water in pipe, water in pipe feed to pump, pump water in pipe to filters, filter, filtered water to go to house, they seem to have made a right meal of it. The blue pipe at the bottom is the water supply. The complex maze of corners, isolation valves, joints, funny angles, ups, downs, behinds and ptfe tape would be, if it worked without leaking, a thing of wonder. As is, its a messy, leaky, unnecessary cobble that should be an afront to all professional trades. Currently, despite my best efforts at solving the problem, it is leaking 4 gallons every 12 hours and this is being collected by means of a tin foil ramp and a plastic toy drawer. Something must be done.

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