Monday, 29 January 2018

Life jackets and swimming lessons

 At Rock HQ we have a plentiful supply of gravity and water which combine in the winter to provide entertainment like divert that new spring from flooding the runway or fetch the life jackets as the donkeys cant swim.
 Having discovered the distinct lack of enthusiasm from the small donkeys over the swimming pool that suddenly appeared in their barracks the job went from the to do list to the something must be done list which is why in the accompanying rain and under supervision from some very large dogs yours truly set about building a new shelter far away from any source of running water.
 At first the job did not really appeal and was at odds to what I really wanted to do which was to stay dry and clean.
 But with suitable encouragement from the K9s and MBAOSPW I duly set about the task. This was made much quicker and so much more fun when I decided to use the chainsaw instead of the boring old hand saw.
 Pretty soon a reasonable and almost weatherproof shelter was fashioned from the numerous spare planks lying around the place. It goes without saying that no measurements were taken during the construction process and any right angles are entirely accidental and probably unwanted.
 Said donkeys were then asked for their opinion and as can be deduced they were
 joyful at the prospect
 of food.
Donkeys are harsh critics.

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