Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Same time, same place........

So yesterday I was out looking for naughty ponies in springlike sunshine, 24 hours later it was a bit, read lot, different.
 This is the same pond...
 same trig point....
 I did detour to the monkey puzzle trees
 Mrs Bear was better suited to the arctic temperatures than yours truly
 and while its all picturesque the video at the top shows how difficult the conditions were, especially if you have the volume turned up!
 Despite looking no sign of the naughty ponies, in fact no sign of life apart from a mad dog and an Englishman.
But then again....these were fresh hoof prints....with a small companion hoofing it close by....could these be our missing equines?  Much following later the prints ran out into a jumbled mess of sheep prints. I would have to return tomorrow and begin the search again, today I had reached the cold weather limit and besides lego and beers awaited at home. 

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