Monday, 15 January 2018

First time for everything

MBAOSPW has to put up with a lot, especially my taste in "music" but to find she had never put a record on, ever, well lessons had to be learned.
Talking of which, she is particularly fed up with the ease at which I lose cashpoint cards. 5 times at least last year the wretched piece of plastic eluded my grasp, usually at key moments like the day before holidays. I have for a while given up putting it somewhere safe and opted for always in the same place style of management. This has worked for several months but for Christmas I was given a wallet. My argument against, I'll lose that and everything with it and it will spoil the line of my suit obviously cut no ice so now I had one I will use it and never again will I lose my cashpoint card.
I lasted 18 days before putting said wallet with card and a substantial sum of cash on the car roof and driving off with inevitable consequences. 

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