Thursday, 11 January 2018

Ice Ice baby

 The snow might have retreated but the cold hasn't so yours truly was awoken early doors by the sound of brass monkeys crying about their overnight losses.Once I finally figured out what the noise was it was clear on of the horses was not very happy with his lot. The pic above shows the rocks in the garden, the white is ice so pretty cold. 
 This poor chap had got himself stranded on the runway which had frozen over and resembled an ice rink. With my underpants on the outside of my trousers yours truly was the consummate super hero horse botherer and led the petrified non skating equine across the ice and into a warm cozy stable where he could be a cash converter (money into pooh type).
Talking of noise generators the pups are somewhat on the large size now, there being three left, here pictured trying to get a last drop of milk from their mum.

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Andy in Germany said...

It's still pretty mild and dry here, and will doubtless remain so until the day after I take the ice tyres off the bike...