Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Not lost again!

 Another mini adventure was had on Sunday
 with an intrepid bunch of explorers yours truly set off along and over the Elan Valley to find the right off road
 but soon ran (cycled) into difficulty when the local wildlife had tried their best to obliterate the trail with their doings.
 Keef really enjoyed the hill climbs I could tell by his rasping.
 Finally the right off road was found snaking off to our left the trail to a world of pain.
 Once at the top we managed to find the wrong road again
 and no matter which way we went
 ended up misplaced
 and into the wrong valley.
 After a quick discussion of the merits of turning back and heading uphill again over going on and finding a cafe with bacon sarnies and mugs of tea
we took the bold decision and raced downhill. We will be back to find the right off road and complete the course, a case of third time lucky perhaps.

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