Thursday, 4 January 2018

As if by magic...

Then naughty ponies spent another freezing night out in the wilderness and dutifully yours truly rose at crack of dawn, which is around 8am now, and set off back up the Bonsai Mountain. As I progressed along the forzen track a mighty pile of horse pooh was in front of me. Normally I am not too pleased to see the deposits made by equines who have busily converted my money into dung, but  given the current situation it did gladden my heart somewhat as it might be an indicator that the naughty ponies were still alive and not whisked away for lasagna mix. As I mused the dimensions of the pile and wondered if it had fallen from a non missing shitland I discovered fresh horse prints. Some large equine had walked this route only hours, maybe minutes before me. Suddenly, as if by magic both appeared out of the murky morning sunrise and we were reunited. 

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