Monday, 8 January 2018


 The most photographed mountain bike ever has come to the end of its life with yours truly. As the ideal number of bikes is N+1 I did think about keeping the oft abused steed (bike shop man....they don't normally look like this). But as the brakes failed again causing yours truly to think he was so humongously fat and unfit that he couldn't ride for toffee (actually that might be an incentive..)
 because the front wheel was locked something had to be done. Nice bike shop man sent a link to a nice new steed, a carbon everything except the titanium pedals steed, a steed so ludicrously specced up it would be forever past my price range and ability. However, this steed had been hand carved by a nice man who wanted the best for himself but then when he rode it for the first time fell off it and broke his ankle. This made him realise that he like building bikes not riding them. Hence for sale sign.
 Which is how yours truly ended up with a new steed that costs about as much a car for a handful of magic beans.
Talking of for sale....The boys now ride their own so I sold the trailer, no more cries of faster daddy or its too muddy daddy while I try not have a heart attack.

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Andy in Germany said...

Plastic bike ahoy...

Ironically we never had a bike trailer.although I did once borrow one and fit it in a rather improvised way onto my Longtail: it had to be attached right at the tail end of the already long bike and made the whole rig as long as a four door saloon...

Bakfietsen are really good for almost giving you heart attacks.