Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Thinking the unthinkable

So there I was happy in the fact that my dissertation was in. Sorted. A whole week before the deadline. Then Monday morning my email alerts me to the fact that its being reviewed and feedback will be following. It duly arrived, it two parts.   First part said up to the result section had been checked and apart from a few minor alterations it was fine.
Then the bombshell landed.
Just after lunch.
The correlation that we had spent so long looking for, the one that formed the basis of my thesis, the one I said didn't exist but was then found, yes that one.
Well apparently I was right, it didn't exist.
Major Clanger steps up to say, sorry, we mixed up a positive and negative, there is no correlation.
 Which means?
It means......
You have to re write your dissertation.
 By Friday.
Happy writing.

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