Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Rise and Shine

 As predicted the first day back at paid work dawned with a beautiful yellow globe in the sky, so before any idea of going to the office intruded yours truly took the apprentice on a Nano adventure
 which was breakfast on the summit of the Bonsai Mountain.
 Here he got to sample the delights of army ration packs, here an apple, well once it was, now its mush, fruit flavoured for the consumption of.
 Naturally we had K9 accompaniment, Rocky standing guard
 with Elf keen to spot leftovers.
 While yours truly dealt with the complexities of boil in the bag beans and sausage
 the apprentice soaked up the view.
 Time for a selfie
 which was
 well and truly
 photo-bombed by Rocky.
 In an effort to entice contributions to the K9 diet they closed in
 and generally
mugged us.

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