Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Cutting back

 After a festive breakfast
 the main plan of the day swung into action. This year we decided to cut back on the amount of critters resident at Rock HQ.
 In keeping with this plan two Mediterranean donkeys, three pygmy goats, two dogs and nine puppies arrived, and today numbers were supposed to be bolstered by two more goats, a Kune Kune pig and after a quick chat with another non Steve, a Ryeland Ram, also free to good home.
 Provided I could catch him and put him in the trailer.
 The well maintained type that had taken root in the pasture where it had lain since being used quite recently. By quite recently read last ice age and the state of the tyres left a lot to be desired once dug out of the ground. The fact that only one held any air was also (wait for it) a bit of a let down.
 So new addition was free to run with the flock for a few more days
while yours truly arranged for necessary repairs to trailer. Pig and goats also get a reprieve for a week.
Once again the re roof the stables plan was not progressed, storm E is about to be replaced by storm Frank. Me in high winds on ladders is not a good mix (not a good mix deficit wind, apart from the self generated) so fab metal box roof stays on the floor in sections waiting attention. Guarantee the one day of sunshine and no wind will be a work day.

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