Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Keep shoveling

 Christmas preparations are, as every year, a bit behind where they should be and no doubt a frantic dash on Christmas Eve will allow a catch up. Meanwhile the Apprentice and Rug Rat MkII have built and then demolished a festive gingerbread house.Their attention to detail did render parts unfit for human consumption but as we have more than our fair share of huge and hungry K9s none will be wasted.
 The weekend was a very busy yet memorable one with your's trulys folks coming over for a visit and pre Christmas meal. The apprentice kept us all entertained while we caught up on family times with the people responsible for my addiction to the great outdoors and all creatures great and small. As they stopped over at a local lodge we all met up for breakfast but the lodge's inability to find a table to sit 4 people with two children meant we had to shout at each other across the gap on separate tables. It was great to see them and hopefully we shall have a return trip soon.  
 On the subject of overeating, here is Bryn after eating 6 cans of dog food, thats 4 above his normal ration, he having eaten his own supper, Rocky's supper, half of Spotty's and all of Poppy's. Luckily he didnt explode overnight in the cottage and saved the monster pooh for the Bonsai Mountainside.
 Late pm on Sunday saw fresh efforts with a shovel, three tons of crushed stone and an overloaded trailer.
 The lane leading to our world looks a bit worse for wear and even slaloming a 4x4 around the potholes still risks shaking the fillings from your teeth so it time for something to be done.
 Unfortunately the weather decided there would be no reprieve, particularly over me, so for three hours in the horizontal rain I filled the caverns that adorn the track.
 With holes this size and depth it took more stone than I allowed for, some took half a ton
 so by end of play the lane looked a lot better than earlier but with some holes waiting to be filled.
 As no stone left I got on with trying not to fall off the donkey shelter roof. This time the wind abated long enough to lay the covering on and secure it before it tried to remove it. Job done, shelter mucked out, donkeys happy in new beds.
 Moonrise on the shortest day, a break in the clouds allowed us to see this brilliant half moon. I had intended to go up the Bonsai Mountain to watch the sunset but as it set around 3.45 and I only thought about it a 4pm it was a bit late.
Pupdate. They get bigger, 4 weeks and 3 days old and having had their first bath the little stinkers are busy making friends.

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