Thursday, 24 December 2015

countdown commencing

Blessed with unusual festive weather the countdown to Christmas is on, only three more present runs to do and a meal and hamper to Technohermit in his new waterproof lair remains and then its drawbridge up and party on.
Not as bad as those poor souls in Cumbria but even yours truly is getting fed up of the rain and the amount. This is our lane today.

Other good news. I have passed my MSc in Forensic Child Psychology and Law. I now either continue to do my doctorate or enrol in a bricklaying course.


Anonymous said...

I'd go for the bricklaying far more use. :)

margeaux said...

do the doctorate.....brick laying dries out your hands and then you have to walk around all day with slimy hands because they have to be coated with hand cream. then people don't like to shake hands with you and you get a complex and decide to brick yourself up in the wall to hide from the evil world. The doctorate... well, that's a whole other story, but ends rather well. :) you can do it Tony!