Friday, 1 January 2016

Last 2015 walk

 The last day of the year was spent in grim weather with two friends and an action Berner
 who decided no mountain walk could be completed without a huge piece of tree.
 So began the assault on Crybin, the smaller mountain next to Pen-y-fan in the Brecon Beacons.
 Just before the jump off point the weather changed from drizzle to extreme hail so we donned suitable apparel, the trousers owned by yours truly decided at this point to give up in the face of extreme weather and an epic leg length zip fail thus rendering them less than waterproof for the next 9 miles.
 Not easily put off yours truly led the way to the steep ridge that makes Crybin such fun.
 It narrows the higher you get and in a fierce crosswind its even more fun.
 Spotty kept an eye on our progress, getting ever closer to the edge.
 The view down with John closing in on the summit, Keith is a dot lower down.
 Further along just before the summit of Pen-y-fan the wind was so strong that the waterfall didn't, it went up instead of down.
 Even worse weather was closing in
 so we took refuge by the lake and had a spot of lunch with the twin peaks bagged as a vista.
 This is me sampling Spotty's lunch while mine heated up, it tasted like really cheap unseasoned pate/pie filling but Spotty seemed to like it, both cans.
9.8 miles later when the seriously bad weather arrived we reached the sanctuary of Gerry parked in the old firing range. In all a grand adventure, despite zip errors, leaking boots and poor lunch choices, a fitting last of the year mountain walk after all the mountain adventures of 2015. Who knows what 2016 will bring.

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