Wednesday, 31 December 2014

On the mend....sort of

Things are getting back to normal at HQ. Not quite so much snot, coughing and sore throats. Lots of time spent going aaarrrhhh at new puppy. And because we need another like a hole in the head I bought a new horse today, a massive big French one. Absolute bargain and came with all the horsey bondage gear necessary like saddle and bridle. The owner was keen to sell and yours truly has never been able to resist a bargain, or look a gift horse in the mouth, instantly handed over the required number of beer tokens necessary to transfer ownership and have the beast transported to HQ. Thankfully, despite being the biggest horse of the breed and looking very fierce (he has a mean stare) he is actually very amenable, let me brush the tangles out of his mane and tail and then much to my beautiful and oh so patient wife's surprise, let me ride him. Lil t wants to call him Chester, but we are settling on Bullseye. Pics to follow.


margeaux said...

hands slap to cheeks, chin drops, hands drop distorting her features until she realizes she doesn't need to feed, clean or entertain...yet another TFTR anxiously awaiting new pics.

Jeremy Fisher said...

It's abundantly clear that recent colds, man flu, over exertion of the cycling kind have seriously impaired your judgement. Not only yet another dog to add to the pack but yet another horse and a massive consumer of expensive equine related grub and medicines to boot no doubt.
We can only hope that the mist passes before you get further urges in these respects!
Happy New Year to you and all yours!! Must have a catch up sooner rather than later.