Monday, 15 December 2014

Rainbow Racing

 In an effort to get some training in around work, childcare, animal husbandry and dog bothering yours truly has come up with the fool proof plan of making the commute to work as arduous as possible as often as possible, hence we find me wallowing in a swamp at the far end of the Bonsai Mountain in what was euphemistically referred to as a "run" on my satnavtraininggizmo. Having extracted myself from the soggy wet stuff and thus far spending nearly 20 minutes to complete the first mile,miles 2 to 4 were done in somewhat more favourable conditions despite mile 2 being all uphill.
 At the top of the ridge the Bonsai Mountain was under a rainbow indicating that if I did not get a move on then the top half would be as wet as the bottom bits.
You can just about make out the full rainbow here. Safely at the office I tested something I insisted was fitted when we took it over.
The shower.
Which was, needless to say, cold.
But clean cold.
Note to self.
Pack towel.
Drying yourself with loo roll takes ages.

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