Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

 Its the norm for these pages to have an end of year round up, the obligatory look back at whats been the highs and lows of the year. So naturally the high point was the birth of Rug Rat MkII but in an effort to be the outright winner and  top trump that high point, he who cannot be named got married on the last day of the year. With unbelievable luck in the weather, when Arks were on standby rather than wedding carriages, the happy couple made their vows in a picture post card setting and
 even laid on an honour guard for my beautiful and oh so patient wife and the apprentice smallholder.
 Clearly everyone was delighted to share such a happy day
 and the endless smiling (aided by vats of mulled wine) recorded for posterity before the wedding breakfast was devoured by the ravenous throng. The party went on well into the night and the new year was seen in with champers and fireworks but I was in too much of a happy state to operate the camera effectively.
 But before that happened the wedding car pic, he who cannot be named did a great job of driving his new bride in this rollerskate, especially as he was wearing a sword at the time.
 But I reckon I top trumped his parking and got an even better the cars the star pic.
 Breakfast saw the clan gather and I was able to nearly work the camera again and got he first ever pic of all four offsrping by a Christmas tree.
So in all a great 36 hours, a fab end to the old year and fantastic start to the new, love and hugs to one and all, we have a new family member, gained a daughter in law and our ancient beagle starts his 24th year. Life's good. Enjoy it!

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