Saturday, 4 January 2014

Back to normal

The day after the arrival of Gerry at Rock HQ, Chester our very old and unintelligent horse smashed the back light on Miranda, the smaller version of Gerry. 
Things got back to normal at HQ today after all the Christmas, New Year and Wedding frivolities. Hours spent labouring finally reverted the front of the cottage into a living space rather than an explosion in a toy shop. Decorations were boxed ready for later in the year. The living tree that died while inside was placed outside again in the hope that it would spring to life in the errr...spring, and was then promptly vandalised by Will.I.Am before being blown down the lane. 
The quick ten minute job of changing the back light on Miranda was tackled, for once all the right tools were to hand and within a minute I was able to change the damaged item for a new one purchased from Ebay. Things were going well but the dear lads and lassies at Land Rover, ever keen to improve on perfection (yeah right) had decided in their collective wisdom to make very fine alterations to the 2004 Freelander rear light. I wont bore the non anoraks with the details but around that time a newer version replaced the 2003 model, but ours is a 2004 registered vehicle, but the 2003 model. Simple. 
If only.
So the lights the same shape and style, but the holes to pin it to the bodywork are 5mm spaced further apart. Ha! Easy fix, quick dabble with a metal drill (realised at last second that the first choice was a wood drill) and three very neat holes in exactly the right places meant new light fitted. Except it didn't. Its 20mm thinner and this, for some impossible reason that is against all laws of physics, means the rear door wont open without breaking the light. Watching Berners were then treated to masterclass of swearwords and then new light was removed and old light fetched from skip and put back as a temporary measure. 
Back to normal. 


Andy_in_Germany said...

I'm not sure I'd have the courage to be as honest about when it goes wrong as you are, thanks for telling us the whole story, it is more encouraging to the Wannabes than a "how to" manual.

Tony said...

If it was easy we would all be able to do it! :)