Friday, 17 January 2014

Seemed such a good idea at the time

My battle with all things mechanical and electrical continued today as the plan to get Gerry to the garage went awry as soon as I got involved. Gerry was facing the wrong way to be towed so had to be rolled backwards down the ever narrowing lane to the turning space by Trixie and Renatta. Had I been a bit braver we would have made it but as I erred on the side of caution and hit the brakes when we got faster than walking speed Gerry rolled to a stop 20 yards short of target and blocked the lane. Beuatuiful and oh so patient wife appeared at the right moment to be press ganged into pushing Gerry and we both managed to get him the 20 yards necessary to unblock the lane, except we couldnt turn him. Much heave hoing managed to get him at a 45 degree angle exposing 4 feet of clear dirt track but we ran out of steam and at that point the small god of bright ideas appeared and offered the solution. So while MBAOSPW went back to the cottage and played with toddlers yours truly drove Miranda to get up close and personal with Gerry. Bumper to bumper, the bright idea being that Miranda provided the necessary muscle to move Gerry out of the way. And it worked. Up to a point. The point being where Gerry moved exposing 7 feet of dirt track and a sound akin to a jet aircraft hitting a greenhouse. Panic striken I leapt from Miranda imagining the stern look from MBAOSPW when I reported that her baby Land Rover was a bit bent thanks to the mighty Gerry, but in actual fact Miranda was happy pushing Gerry about and was unscathed. Gerry on the other hand had left the majority of his big black bumper in bits across the lane.

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Fizz said...

Ok, call me stupid but not only do you have a load of cart pulling bred dogs you also have very big horses, why the heck didn't you use the good old fashioned method & give the car some real horse power or even some dog power?