Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The time has come to say goodbye.

 Rock HQ lost its oldest resident this afternoon, Preston the very aged Beagle scampered over the Rainbow Bridge to cause canine chaos in dog Valhalla.
 His swan song was 3.30 am when he felt the urge to wake the household one more time, just for giggles.
But he settled, said goodbye at breakfast and snoozed until he decided to leave us. Strange that he's gone, he's been a pain good dog for years, goodness only knows how many bins he's emptied, fridges raided, dinners stolen, shoes chewed/poohed in, cables bit through, lino torn up, duvets wrecked, books chewed, enforced long walks as hes run off again, times he was told he was going to the dogs home, especially when he stole the vicars bar b que sausages from under his nose!, but he was a great character and loved beagling about. 23 years in  along time for a dog to live. He got the most out of it and we shall miss him and his antics.
For once the Oracles bins are safe.


margeaux said...

fare the well our little friend- BRAVO! best cartoon dog ever~ good job. M

Andy_in_Germany said...

This is a part of life but no easier for that. Goodbye Preston: may you find lots of paint tins, fridges and rabbits to play with, and no irate owners chasing you.