Monday, 7 October 2013

The Great Oak

 Its amazing how you can live somewhere and not know whats on your doorstep. Tourist attractions abound in these parts and by chance we found another, this tree, known very originally as The Great Oak. From a small acorn in around 1086 this massive tree grew, it doesn't do much, just dominates the roadside next to the two houses, handily named Oak Cottage and nearby is the Redundant Oak School. Its so famous it has its own brown tourist sign but that's not how I found it, I discovered its existence by cycling, or rather reading about cycling as its listed as a point of interest on a local route.
 It might not rival EuroDisney or have the state of the art white knuckle rides of some tourist attractions, but aside from the fact its free it does have one other unusual feature, its cavernous interior.
 The apprentice was justifiably cautious on his approach as to be fair this is something straight out of a fairy tale, but once inside he was mightily impressed. There is in fact enough room for around 6 adults stood upright.
 My beautiful and oh so patient wife got in on the act but we couldn't take pictures of the insides as the phone camera lacked a flash. Inside the branches are also hollow and allows sunlight in, it really is a strange sight.
So there you have it in a nutshell, or acorn shell, the great oak.

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